Feast of Saint Gaetano Errico

Posted On: Sep 30, 2015 11:52 AM

Feast of Saint Gaetano Errico 29 October 2010

Dearest Confreres

On the occasion of the Feast of our Founder, Saint Gaetano Errico, I extend to all of you very sincere and fraternal greetings.

Let us render thanks to the Lord with joyful hearts for having given us a wonderful father and for having called us to follow him, to be like him, as messengers of the merciful love of God, that he embraces and includes everyone in the heart of his Father.

We also like our Founder are called to be signs of hope and freedom and manifesting the loving face of Christ to all.

Let the exemplary life and the missionary zeal of our Founder be the foundation and source of inspiration for all our missions.

Following his example we are called to communicate the love of God both in small and great things.

Like him we must be relevant, innovative and creative in our apostolate. And this will be possible if we are truly rooted in the originality of our Charism and our Traditions of our Congregation.

These are two parallel lines on which we have to walk. We have to redouble our efforts both at the personal and community level so that we may make the face of our Congregation always resplendent in the Church.

Our way of life must touch profoundly the lives of others and by our witness we may become example for others to follow us in the religious life.

Remember the words of our Founder:” Set the roots of your heart in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in a very special way. This way you will be able to kindle in the hearts of others the love of God and of the Sacred Hearts, the main aim of our Congregation” (p.103).

“Have a deep desire to grow in God’s love every day. Try to progress in God’s love as much as you can”(p.515).

Dear Confreres, on 29 of October, let us be united in prayer and God through the intercession of our Saint Founder blesses us and sustains us in our apostolate. May Our Mother of Sorrows protect us under her mantle.

In the Sacred Hearts

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Fr. Salvatore Izzo msscc.

Superior General