XVI General Chapter of Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts between 14th April to 2 May 2010

Posted On: Sep 30, 2015 12:10 PM



We the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts preparing for the XVI General Chapter, which is to be held in Rome from April 15 to May 2, 2010. The fathers from around the world will meet first on April 14 in the Mother House and will open officially  in a solemn celebration presided by Most Rev. Fr. Salvatore Izzo MSsCC in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows. 

On Thursday, April 15, move to Gottaferrata (Rome) to begin three days of retreat. On Monday  April 19 will start the sessions of the Assembly chapter that will culminate with the election of new Superior General and the General Council. The chapter will deal about how to give renewed vitality to religious communities because they are signs of fraternity and communion for the mission. The theme of the  "Witnesses and missionaries on the footsteps of Gaetano Errico. 


The house where the General Chapter is to be held "St. Vincent Pallotti Spirituality Center - Grottaferrata 

Each religious institute live the Gospel according to a certain charism. This charism was first from the founder, and was received and taken by a group of disciples who formed the first community of this institute. It was later continually reinterpreted through the years, or even centuries, depending on the needs of the Church and society and new cultural situations. At a General Chapter institute goes back to its charism, makes a re-reading in function of ecclesial and cultural context of today, and take decisions that are necessary for its inclusion in the renewed human and ecclesial  contemporary. The General Chapter is therefore the meeting of representatives of the entire Institute and is the highest expression involving all congregated in governing of it. It's so formed so as to represent the whole Institute, to be a real sign of its unity in charity. The General Chapter in general convened every six years or every time that there should be reelection due to the death, resignation, or  replacement of the Superior General. It shall be responsible for protect the assets of the Institute for its nature, purpose, spirit, character and traditions and  promote an appropriate renewal. The election of the Superior General and his Council, and deciding the most important problems of the Institute; promote unity, vitality and dissemination; propose amendment or repeal of points of Constitutions, to be submitted, then approved by the Holy See.



14 April Inauguration Mass at Mother House, Secondigliano    (Foto della celebrazione)

15,16 and 17 days of retreat Foto della giornataFoto della giornata)

18th April A day out to Offida  (Foto della giornata

1st May (Guarda le foto della giornata